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You can support us by: This is the English Martial Arts Podcast show where we talk about the Weapons and Unarmed arts contained within the English system. We will also talk about the principles of the system because the whole system is a principles based system. We will also be talking about other WMA and Hema based martial arts as well as talking to, and interviewing teachers and Masters (Maisters). I will be talking to Teachers and Masters of both Western and Asian disciplines which will give all listeners a deeper understanding of how similar in their outlook and practice the martial arts of the world are. We will also be concentrating on interviews with martial arts instructors from all walks of life and many different types of martial arts systems.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Training Podcast

    In this episode I discuss three different subjects. 1) How the current climate has changed defensive fighting against multiple attackers. 2) Visualisation as a training tool 3) Writing articles and essays for your martial art ...


  2. Translation Weapons Practice and the Lockdown

    Here in this episode we discuss translating period manuals and books, we are also going to hit on weapons practice and armour, and finally training in the lockdown and how hard it can be. According to skopos theory, what methods translators will choose always relies on the purposes of the ...


  3. Update

    In Anglo-Saxon times one of the terms by which a folcwiga (warrior) would have known close quarter combat was handplegan (hand play) which is recorded in the Saxon Chronicles. By Tudor times there were two main titles in use; the Art Militaire and its civilian relative the Science ...


  4. Training while in Lockdown

    This episode of the English Martial Arts Podcast is about training while in lockdown, The equipment to use and how to do it. There are also a couple of other things contained within the podcast that I hope will entertain. Training while in lockdown can be difficult due to lack ...


  5. Training and Covid 19

    In this short episode I talk about the effects of Covid 19 and how the government is giving advice but still allowing people into the country with no checks. How I gained an injury, and training at home. ...