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You can support us by: This is the English Martial Arts Podcast show where we talk about the Weapons and Unarmed arts contained within the English system. We will also talk about the principles of the system because the whole system is a principles based system. We will also be talking about other WMA and Hema based martial arts as well as talking to, and interviewing teachers and Masters (Maisters). I will be talking to Teachers and Masters of both Western and Asian disciplines which will give all listeners a deeper understanding of how similar in their outlook and practice the martial arts of the world are. We will also be concentrating on interviews with martial arts instructors from all walks of life and many different types of martial arts systems.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. News

    In this episode I am talking about the kind of training we offer, and where the club is going as regards training. ...


  2. Self Defence Advice

    In this episode we will look at advice on self protection. We will look at quite a few topics that will allow us to take precautions and stay safe both inside and outside our homes. We will talk about locks for doors and windows, physical fighting techniqueas well as awareness of ...


  3. German knights and Vampires

    In this very short episode I read from an article published in the HOBILAR journal about teutonic knights and Vampires ...


  4. Self Defence and the English Martial Arts

    This episode has been put together to talk about the English martial arts and Self Defence. It talks about recent events happening around the country because of illegal demonstrations and rioting, about how they have been attacking people in mobs and about our art and how we are now offering ...


  5. Brief History of the Quarterstaff

    George Silver wrote about the quarterstaff as a reality. It was a weapon he used to fight and defend his honour with. ... As a battlefield weapon the quarterstaff would be an oak or ash pole of about eight or nine feet in length, wih a circumference of about 4 ...