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You can support us by: This is the English Martial Arts Podcast show where we talk about the Weapons and Unarmed arts contained within the English system. We will also talk about the principles of the system because the whole system is a principles based system. We will also be talking about other WMA and Hema based martial arts as well as talking to, and interviewing teachers and Masters (Maisters). I will be talking to Teachers and Masters of both Western and Asian disciplines which will give all listeners a deeper understanding of how similar in their outlook and practice the martial arts of the world are. We will also be concentrating on interviews with martial arts instructors from all walks of life and many different types of martial arts systems.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Nial Prince Interview - 14-04-2018, 16.25

    In this episode we have an interview with Nial Prince, the chief Mentor of Oxford sword and staff, a successful Hema club. The Oxford Sword and Staff (OSS) is a newly formed Historic Martial Arts (HEMA) group based out of Oxford. The club has been founded by a group of like-minded ...


  2. Graham Butcher Interview - STAV

    I was born in 1959 so I was the right age, early teens, when martial arts suddenly became very popular in the early 70s. Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon and, well it made quite an impact at the time. I had the opportunity to learn Karate from the age of ...


  3. Martial Power

    We have all seen martial arts demonstrations. A master squares off against his taller and heavier opponent, extending his arm until his fist stops a mere inch from the other man’s chest. Suddenly, the master’s fist slams forward with explosive force, throwing the opponent into the air. The foe lands ...


  4. Books To Read

    In this short episode I have a chat about books that are great reading for the martial artist, especially the western martial artist. So if you are in the mood for some great reading, listen to this and get the names of some great books for your librry. ...


  5. Staying Safe (2)

    In this episode we are looking at equiping our young people with the skills to survive the modern world through mental and physical training. Keeping children safe while out and about All children can be vulnerable sometimes, and as a parent it is only natural to worry about their safety. If you ...