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You can support us by: This is the English Martial Arts Podcast show where we talk about the Weapons and Unarmed arts contained within the English system. We will also talk about the principles of the system because the whole system is a principles based system. We will also be talking about other WMA and Hema based martial arts as well as talking to, and interviewing teachers and Masters (Maisters). I will be talking to Teachers and Masters of both Western and Asian disciplines which will give all listeners a deeper understanding of how similar in their outlook and practice the martial arts of the world are. We will also be concentrating on interviews with martial arts instructors from all walks of life and many different types of martial arts systems.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Martial arts and training time

    In this podcast episode we talk about training times for the different aspects of training in the martial arts. We discuss competition, hobby and self protection training. I also go into a little rant about the politics within Hema so if you are not into that give this one a ...


  2. What does it mean to be a martial artist

    In this short episode we explore what it means to be a martial artist. Where does the journey start and where will it take you ? But what will being taught the martial arts teach you about yourself ? ...


  3. Anders Linnard Interview (1)

    LINNARD ANDERS, GHFS / HEMAC Instructor: Anders Linnard Country: Sweden Club: Gothenburg Historical Fencing School Contact: Bio: Anders started training and studying historical European Martial arts in 2002. Since 2005 he has been teaching at events in Europe and North America. Additionally he has a long record of competitive fighting. He is also the ...


  4. Where are the Western martial arts headed

    This is a solo episode as I am taking a break between einterviews. This episode concentrates on a few things included is where are the western martial arts headed, ego maniacs in the training area, and mercenery/money grabbing instructors. ...


  5. The Defensive Mind, an Interview

    In this episode we have a specialist in womens self defence, we only use his first name because this man likes to keep his identity away from the crowd.But he is a specialist in the art of defence. ...